‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 17 : LIst of All 11 Finalist 

Avery Dixon 

Avery sounded great on a Chaka Khan classic but his past performances were more memorable. Outfit was on point though.

Celia Muñoz

The whole setup of the performance reminded me of Houdini’s Great Escape, which is one of my favorite rides of all time but less creepy.

Kristy Sellars

Kicking off the night, Kristy once again wowed the judges and viewers alike. Her creativity is off the charts! Howie called the act “perfection” and said that she “set the bar for the competition.”


I loved the incorporation of Elvis Presley from the start and the singer sounded great. Not like Elvis himself, but a solid impersonation.

Mike E. Winfield 

In the end the judges loved him and social media was predominantly on his side. Kudos for the Michael Jackson-esque jacket too Mike!

Nicolas RIBS

Simon was not a fan of the performance but his co-workers loved it. Social media disagreed with Simon as well, praising the originality of the performance.

Yu Hojin 

Yu Hojin had a memorable performance that exceeded his last one. This one actually had tricks that I could not figure out! He might just have the best notebook ever.

Sara James 

The song choice from Sara might be the smartest of the night. Sara gave us Rihanna performance vibes with incredible vocals that shined

Drake Milligan

His fan base basically is the same as Chapel Hart’s fan base, which makes things VERY interesting. More on that later. The performance was great and the judges loved him.

Chapel Hart

The first three acts are often doomed to be forgotten in most cases. Luckily, Chapel Hart nailed their performance.


They wowed the judges and viewers alike with what I can only describe as their best performance yet. Heidi said that they are what a million dollar act looks like and Simon went on to call it astonishing.