8 Interesting Facts to Buy An Ev Cars

William Morrison, from Des Moines, Iowa, creates the First Successful Electric Vehicle in the U.S.  

An EV would cost only $1 in energy to travel the same distance as a gallon of gas, which currently averages $3.04

Nearly Half The EVs in The World are in China

An Electric Car Can Utilise 80% of its Battery Power. Electric cars are 10 to 25% heavier than conventional ones.

Norway has the highest number of electric cars per person in the world.

The Current Prediction is That an Electric Car battery will last from 10 – 20 years before they Need to be Replaced

3 Types of Electric Vehicles are Available - BEV, HEV, FCEV

BEV - Battery Electric Vehicle  HEV - Hybrid Electric Vehicle  FCEV - Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle